2014 Tax Refund Dates: Don’t Make This Mistake!

Now that Tax Season is here, you’ll want to know this important information about the 2014 Tax Refund Dates.  Refunds will be processed by the IRS as quickly and efficiently as ever, but with fraud protection now built into the process, Refund Dates are hard to predict.  The IRS makes no promises as far as refund dates go.  This is why you should not count on your 2014 Tax Refund to arrive by a certain date.  Don’t make large purchases based on covering the bill with your IRS refund.  If you are one of those people still out there making this mistake, read on to find out why you’re just setting yourself up to headaches and misery if you do this.

Why You Can’t Count on Specific 2014 Tax Refund Dates

The IRS has really revamped its tax return processing procedures in the last few years.  They wised up to fraud and now are truly aggressive in fighting it .  That means they’ll stop everything if they see anything that’s even remotely suspicious.  So, if your tax return has even so much as a typo, the gears come to a grinding halt while it’s pulled for double checking.  Not only that, but this can happen anywhere along the pipeline of the tax-return processing highway.  Therefore, if you check the status of your 2014 refund and its seems to be progressing nicely, that’s nice but it could get delay at any time.  In other words, your refund isn’t done until you actually see it in  your bank account or in your mailbox.

So, any online tax prep company that’s suggesting they can get your 2014 IRS Refund faster for you, or can even tell you when it will be ready, is trying to pull a fast one on you.  The official word directly from the source: the IRS, admits that “…you can generally expect” them to have your refund sent to you in 21 days.  There’s a lot of wiggle room in that phrase.  Anything can be a rule if you say “in general” before it!

To check your own 2014 Tax Refund Dates, use the IRS’s online refund tracker tool located here.