The 2014 Refund Cycle Chart

Waiting for your 2014 IRS Refund?  Try using the online tracking tool to see where your money is today.   If you are looking for the 2014 Refund Cycle Chart then you haven’t heard the news: there is no longer such a thing!  Now it’s the online IRS refund tracking tool, located on the IRS website.

What Was the 2014 Refund Cycle Chart?

Well, used to be an actual, predictable cycle around which the IRS processed its tax returns.  If the tax return was received by a certain date, you could expect a refund by a certain date.  Usually the cycle was about two weeks.  So, Refund Cycle charts would be published, and we all got used to looking up our dates on the charts.  It was all pretty routine and predictable.

Why is There No Longer a Refund Cycle Chart?

Two words: identity theft.  People who steal social security numbers sometimes use them to file fraudulent tax returns.  What the heck do they get from that, you ask?  They get an IRS refund that wasn’t meant for them, that’s what!

So, in order to combat fraud, the IRS has all kinds of new security alert features built into its tax return processing systems.  That means delays for some taxpayers.  The refund cycle chart no longer pertains to today’s fraud-alert system used by the IRS because it’s impossible to predict whose  return will get flagged and whose will fly through the system.

Well Then How Do I Find Out About My IRS Tax Refund?

There’s actually something better: the IRS Refund Tracker tool.  It’s better because it pulls information about your particular refund, and where it is, whether your tax return has been processed or if it got flagged.  With the old system you simply consulted an all-purpose one size fits all refund cycle chart and guessed at how long it would take for your IRS refund to get to you.

To see the online IRS refund tracker go here to the IRS website.  Don’t go anywhere else because you wouldn’t want to enter your personal data on a fraudulent site.